Our extensive list of suppliers allows us to source the very best ingredients for you. Take a look at the options below, and then contact us for more information.

Our Suppliers

Basic Food Flavors

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins in various savory profiles, soy sauce, non GMO HVP’s, and Yeast extracts

ConAgra Foods

Hunt’s tomato products, Angela Mia diced and crushed tomatoes, Rosarita diced jalapenos and diced green chilies, LaChoy, and J. Hungerford Smith

Dole Packaged Foods

Pineapple, pineapple juice concentrate, apricots, blackberries, boysenberries, peaches, strawberries (aseptic), and IQF Fruits

Dongsheng Foods USA

Dehydrated and frozen garlic and onion (minced, granules, chopped, and powder), IQF vegetables; organic options

Franklin Baker

Coconut—desiccated, sweetened, toasted, flour, sugar, coconut cream, milk, water, Virgin Coconut oil; organic options

Greenwood Associates Inc.

Natural fruit juice concentrates, purees, and essential oils. Organic products also available.

Joseph Adams Corporation

Spice oleoresins and essential oils

JSO & Associates

IQF vegetables and fruits

Pacific Choice

Garlic Purees

Nielsen Citrus Products Company

Lemon and lime juice concentrates and purees

Seawind Foods

All-Natural Dehydrated Vegetables. Unsulfured Dried Fruits. NO SO2

True Citrus

True innovation. True Citrus developed the technology (and owns the patent on it!) to crystalize fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit! These all-natural fruit ingredients are totally unique and superior to oils and extracts and are more stable than fresh. The flavors POP out in applications like beverages, desserts, baking, confections, powdered mixes, seasoning, coatings, and so much more!

Tulkoff Food Products

Horseradish, garlic in water or oil, roasted garlic, garlic puree, ginger puree

Wan Ja Shan

Fermented and organic soy, teriyaki, tamari and hoisin sauces, sesame oil, and rice vinegar

Westin Foods

Real and imitation bacon bits

De Vinco Company

A premier cooking wine supplier for industrial applications. Burgundy wine, white wine (sauterne), sherry, chablis, marsala wine, rice wine, port, and even a salted vodka are all among the offerings. Different ABV concentrations available. Shipping in drums, totes, or tankers.

Cibaria International

The finest oils and vinegars for industrial use: Olive Oil; EV Olive Oil; flavor infused olive oils; almond, avocado, canola, coconut, corn, palm kernel, sesame, soybean, and sunflower oils are just a few. Balsamic vinegars: 4 star, 8 star, 25 star; Organic; Red and White Wine vinegars; Lambrusco vinegar; and over 50 flavored balsamic vinegars. Available in bulk - drums, totes, or tankers. Offer Private Labeling and custom blends.

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